Friday, April 28, 2017

Not Yearning for the "Good Old Days!"

My dear reader probably thinks I am getting to be a cranky old lady. I’m not really mourning this subject as just stating facts. I am as guilty as anyone that these things have happened.

First, and I am not doing a bunch of research here, but with the advent of email, you knew the United States Postal Service was going to be in trouble before long. Third class mail keeps it afloat, I believe. I get so annoyed at those catalogs from places that I have shopped, almost every day. OK, maybe every other day. I have talked with bulk mail postal employees and they confirm this.

However, the biggest change is in brick and mortar stores. The big stores are closing all the time.  Best Buy and the home improvement stores seem to be doing fine, but we are ordering every other thing online! I am as bad as the next, or maybe I am worse! I buy nearly all my clothes (not shoes and undergarments) online. I buy gifts online. I download books from Amazon, so there goes the bookstore I once worked at!

We seriously do not need the Malls anymore. What makes them special is the “unique experience” of a day of shopping. But we don’t need them! We choose them.

Groceries are beginning to deliver. I still want to squeeze my tomatoes and peppers, but I can see that working for me when I can't drive anymore or very little.

What I personally find interesting is the “nail salon” business. What used to be reserved for the “stars” is now commonplace for everyone, even during a recession. Even men are having their nails done, which I support for good health reasons. If you work in a certain industry at a certain level (whether or not you are earning a comparative salary), certain things are expected in terms of dress and accessories. I love getting a mani/pedi too, but I am glad I don’t have to for work!

Sometime ago I wrote about disliking shopping, and I do want to reiterate that I DO like people, generally. However, I DON'T like shopping. Since I wrote that piece, I believe we have hatched a new kind of crazy people in the world that operate alongside the rest of us. I just don't want to be there.

We can all agree that we are watching life changing before our eyes. I’m not necessarily yearning for the “good old days.” I would rather shop online and have time for other things, like reading a book—on my Kindle app of course, or calling a friend, who may or may not be home. They're out shopping.

In shopping online, we have not lost a "connection," unless salespeople are important to you. Per se, they are not to me. I would rather free up the time to sit on the porch or at the pool with my husband or neighbors.

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