Sunday, February 5, 2017

Thrift Simplified: Just Buy Less!

I haven’t been particularly thrifty this year as in “looking for the best deal,” and I haven’t had one of those “no-spend” months, or years, or anything. This is where I’m at: I just don’t buy as much anymore!

It’s as simple as that!

As I have spent the last two to three years in a major purge, moving into a condominium and finding good homes for many of the things my children do not want and there is no point in keeping them. Those things are things that I don’t need in a banker’s box in the garage and could be used by the historical society, or the Women’s Center that gives out baby (and small children) clothes.

The things that I keep are the things that I love. I want to look at them. They bless me in some way. This morning I was looking at the seven belts that I have and I know there’s a purge coming there; but one of them will NEVER fit this body again. It was made by my father, and it’s not going anywhere!

The long and short of this is I just BUY LESS!
  • We don’t need as much food. Period.
  • When I get rid of clothes, I don’t replace them, unless I have a need.
  • I don’t buy books.
  • I DO pay $8.00 a month for Netflix, but I don’t go to movies. Well, I never did much anyway.
  • At Christmas, I reorganized my spending, and although it didn’t come to less overall, I bought less.
  • I’ve gone out to eat less.
On the other hand, I did treat myself to some things. Because I oversee the Class Reunion, I got myself a room at the hotel. I did find a roommate; but had she not shown interest, I wouldn’t have cared at all. I was worth the reduced stress. Besides, it’s only every five years, and I did NOT buy any new garments.

One of the things I have done less of is use savings apps. They are getting to be so plentiful these days and I know the next generation uses them all the time, but it means signing up for, and giving my information to more people than I am comfortable with. Also, you must BUY to SAVE! (I remember my Mother-In-Law telling me that). And, I am NOT BUYING!

I am leisurely talking about selling some big-ticket items that I don’t use. This might involve paying someone who uses e-Bay. I am not in a hurry.

In a very calculated and planned way, I did buy a new laptop and a wireless printer. The other, while perfectly fine, is 11 years old, and lasted through three computers. I also planned to buy an iPad mini and I LOVE it. They offered me $65 for the old one and I said “No, the kids will watch it.” (They are not touching my new one!) These are items that I use every single day in one way or the other. I can never go back to handwriting anyway, the arthritis in my thumbs is so bad.

I do try to find homes for things, but if not, I will donate to Salvation Army. I never plan this, but somehow, when we’re doing taxes, it helps there too.

So I guess my mantra will be BUY LESS and plan big purchases.

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  1. It also helps you to spend less when hubby has three separate illnesses in three weeks. Our food consumption barely zero. Hope this does not become regular!