Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Minimalizing Never Ends. Ever!

From Becoming Minimalist
Several people have asked me about my minimalizing this year, so I thought I would address it.

First, most of my minimalist activity took place in 2015 when we moved into the condominium

Secondly, it never ends!

One of the big things that I have been doing this year is going through items that I had never wanted to get rid of. But I came to the realization that all I was doing was making work for my children, and I knew that they would NOT appreciate it.

These activities led me to making some new friends.

I had plenty of clothes that we would now call “period” clothes and even if I lost a vast amount of weight, I would not be wearing them. I met with the collections director at our local historical society and because many of these items were worn by people in a family that is involved in the history of this town, the collections director was interested in them. We took a day and went through them, and she could (look forward to) access them into her collection.

During this time, I met another staff person of the historical society and although I really didn’t give her anything, excepting my knowledge and putting two and two together and fill in some holes in her historical work. I was happy to be able to help.

I have a remarkable portrait that was dated 1894 that belonged in another town, but they honestly don’t have the room for it, so they photographed it and the curator and I sat down and filled in some holes in that branch of the family. That was a VERY interesting day!

Then there is my work with the local historical society and their Bicentennial. Most people don’t get that I consider this my “hometown,” because I only lived nine years there, but it’s my history that makes me a part of it. I haven’t had much to offer them but pictures and letters and memories. I haven’t given them all my letters, because some involve someone still living (my mother). I don’t know what I will do in the future.

I kept lots of special baby clothes, which my kids have no interest in, so I chose to donate them to the Area Women’s Center. Women who are taking parenting classes at the Center earn “dollars” to buy clothes for their children, and although I didn’t donate any of my clothes, they can buy clothes for themselves, also.

So, my husband and I have decided it is time to change our wills and make our son, who lives in the area the executor in case we pass together, or the second is unable to serve. Hopefully I have the house in a condition that he and I can take a walk through the house, and I can say “stuff…...stuff…...stuff……this is important……stuff……more stuff….”and you get the idea. We do have some Derge antiques that need to be offered to Derges. Other than picture albums and my old Bibles, the rest is “stuff.”

We live in a condominium that is 2000 square feet. We could minimalize further, but this is what is comfortable to us, and will be easy to deal with someday. We have three coolers, I don’t know why we have three coolers and one of them (at least) will probably go to Goodwill or another organization someday, but even if I don’t get to it, it is NOT a difficult decision to make.

Minimalist living is constantly keeping up. It means buying less or replacing only as needed. I bought a bedspread set this year. I didn’t need it, I just wanted it. Then I realized I didn’t like the “feel” of it. Admitting I made a mistake and setting about to correct it NOW, I offered it to a friend for a gift card. I paid exactly $30 to learn I didn’t like it. Well, it could have been worse.

As long as a person lives with another person, drawers continue to need to be cleaned out. This is a constant. Everyone throws things in drawers. I know that if it were just me, there wouldn’t be as much to do, but I still would stash when the opportunity came.

I am comfortable with the place we are. I don’t stock up much on food, except in the winter. We don’t live in the frozen North!  I have never experienced blizzard-like or dangerous conditions that lasted more than three days. Plus, I am very creative if need be!

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