Monday, July 18, 2016

Last Minute Blues

When I am about to go crazy.

I don’t know why I expect this year to be any different. We try to estimate how many people will come to a reunion, based on conversations and examples of the classes before us. Sometimes I think this is ridiculous, because we are a unique group, as are all other groups. It’s our “job” to find that balance. I doubt we will ever really succeed.

We were on the right path for this “off year” reunion, when we reserved a venue and were planning only one “paid” event. The night before, we would go to a large restaurant and would be on our own, and then we would have a buffet at a local “fraternal organization.” Well, the organization has had to put their building up for sale (they don’t lose their charter, but will have to meet in a church room or something), and we went with another venue.

It’s a local hotel and they are doing a lot for us, but we had to sign on for two nights. So what we have now is (1) some people coming in for both nights, because they have to travel and (2) the locals, which I define as up to 50 miles, coming either one night or the other. It’s like a church with a 9:00 service and a 11:00 service and there are virtually two congregations. I am worried that many people will not see many other people. But, I can do nothing about that now.

So, for about six weeks I have been worried to death, and I am NOT calling and begging people. We are all adults at this stage. I do understand things happen, in the last week I have learned of four deaths. It is never convenient.

But NOW, at T-minus 11 days, I am starting to hear from people. LOTS of them! Now, we are getting close to numbers that I hoped for. We can pay the bills easily.

I don’t think people realize how I take this personally. Though I’ve never had to, I would consider myself financially responsible if necessary (I also know that I could throw out a call for donations and they would come in!)

I still have much to do, but I can do it with a relaxed heart and mind.

The only thing keeping me up at night is the carpal tunnel syndrome. Must get that fixed!