Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why Attend Your 45th Reunion?

Why attend your 45th Reunion? 

Why go back when you have so much interaction on Facebook and other Social Media outlets? I am going to try and address that question.
  • You may not be around or able to travel to the 50th, which admittedly will be larger.
  • Face-to-face communication is what we grew up with. I want to SEE my friends. I want to laugh until coke comes out of my nose with my old friends sitting at the table with me. You don’t get those endorphins from a text.
  • You want to see what has become of your Home Town. It’s a mixed bag, but there is much good left. While we have chain restaurants by the Mall area, there is nothing like Giovanni’s. We are blessed that there is a restaurant from our youth still left. (Well, it moved down two doors, but that’s a minor detail).
  • You may not have family left here, but there is someone you want to visit. A former neighbor, a person from your church, or just get together with classmates around the pool at the motel.
  • There is simply no one like the kids you grew up with. While our children and now grandchildren are having different experiences, you know what? When they are 62, they will say the SAME THING!
  •  Hopefully, you know longer care about looks, status and wealth. As we age, the inner person is more important to us. I won’t preach, but personally, I think this is in God’s plan. We see each other as young people, but the reality is that the young person is just a small part of who we are now.
  • Along that line, you will find people that you never talked to (much) in school that you have all kinds of things in common with today! Quilters, anglers, philosophers, we’ve got them all! I am writing a series on friends that I wasn’t friends with in school, and are very close to me today. Stay tuned for that.

Hopefully, you will find enough reasons to “come home.” We want to see you.

Here is a link to a “rerun” that I posted for the 40th Reunion.

Until we “connect” again…….

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