Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why Attend Your 45th Reunion?

Why attend your 45th Reunion? 

Why go back when you have so much interaction on Facebook and other Social Media outlets? I am going to try and address that question.
  • You may not be around or able to travel to the 50th, which admittedly will be larger.
  • Face-to-face communication is what we grew up with. I want to SEE my friends. I want to laugh until coke comes out of my nose with my old friends sitting at the table with me. You don’t get those endorphins from a text.
  • You want to see what has become of your Home Town. It’s a mixed bag, but there is much good left. While we have chain restaurants by the Mall area, there is nothing like Giovanni’s. We are blessed that there is a restaurant from our youth still left. (Well, it moved down two doors, but that’s a minor detail).
  • You may not have family left here, but there is someone you want to visit. A former neighbor, a person from your church, or just get together with classmates around the pool at the motel.
  • There is simply no one like the kids you grew up with. While our children and now grandchildren are having different experiences, you know what? When they are 62, they will say the SAME THING!
  •  Hopefully, you know longer care about looks, status and wealth. As we age, the inner person is more important to us. I won’t preach, but personally, I think this is in God’s plan. We see each other as young people, but the reality is that the young person is just a small part of who we are now.
  • Along that line, you will find people that you never talked to (much) in school that you have all kinds of things in common with today! Quilters, anglers, philosophers, we’ve got them all! I am writing a series on friends that I wasn’t friends with in school, and are very close to me today. Stay tuned for that.

Hopefully, you will find enough reasons to “come home.” We want to see you.

Here is a link to a “rerun” that I posted for the 40th Reunion.

Until we “connect” again…….

Sunday, July 12, 2015

An Unplanned Opportunity

I live near the Cincinnati, Ohio area and during the last week (and year) all we have heard about is the 2015 All Star Game. I mean ALL the time!

This morning I read an article in the newspaper written by Hall of Fame journalist Hal McCoy as he named the top 25 Reds players of all time. I think he did a good job and I can’t share the link here as it is “premium” content for subscribers only. Maybe it will be available in the future, but it is not today. It is a list of those players that you would expect to see, stars of past and present Reds players.

One of the stories particularly interested me, and I had to get out my Wikipedia, to check my details.

In 1987, the Reds day-to-day third baseman was, David Gus “Buddy” Bell, who was an easy player to love to watch. He was the son of Gus Bell and is the father of two infielders, David and Mike, one of the "first families" of Major League Baseball. Although he was drafted by the Indians and played for many teams during his career, earning six gold gloves and five trips to the All-Star Game, he was a good solid day-to-day player, reliable and worthy of those honors.

He had been traded to the Reds in 1985 and in 1988, he was on the disabled list for opening day. The Reds needed a third-baseman: Chris Sabo, who had spent FIVE years in the minor league system was called up. There was no looking back. Chris Sabo became a star!

This is how it is in baseball, and other aspects of life—someone has an injury, screws up in some other way, and an opportunity presents itself. For Chris Sabo, it meant going from a minor league player to the person that a Hall of Fame level journalist names as the 13th best Reds player during his (Hal McCoy’s) tenure covering the Reds. It also meant him being named Rookie of the Year of 1988.

I won’t go into the highlights of Chris’ career, you can find that here. If you watched him play, you didn’t forget him.

Both Sabo and Bell continue their work in promotion of the organizations they have been a part of, but their priorities are their families. Chris has been inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, and is a promoter of fan functions.

Baseball is in the blood.

Until we "connect" again.....